For anyone who wishes to connect with our movement in Africa and especially Kenya this site will give you all the relevant information about our status and legal position and the growth of Faith Works International in Kenya.

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FAITH WORKS INTERNATIONAL Ministerial Association (FWIMA) was founded as a support organisation for people who are active in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. FWIMA is designed to assist, equip, and govern ministries in reaching their most effective potential.   As an associated church it is not necessary for you to change the name of your church, you are an autonomous entity aligning with us.

The intent of FWIMA members should be to unite in the love of Christ for the souls of mankind and to serve one another in a genuine spirit of fellowship and concern.

This is our Association and Affiliation document.  All the information off what you can expect from us and what is expected from you.

Licensing is available to associates and affiliates who are in a recognised ministerial position (i.e. Pastor, Travelling Itinerant/Teacher, Assistant Pastor, Minister of Youth, Minister of Children, Minister of Music, Chaplain, Evangelist, Apostles, Prophet, Missionaries, etc.).

FWIMA licensing recognises ministry gifting; it allows you to preach or teach, obtain ministerial entrance into hospitals and jails, and to perform most, if not all, of the ministerial functions of a church including baptism and Communion.  The FWIMA license is recognised as a valid ministerial credential. However, ministry affiliation, involves a totally separate and additional application and approval process.

Welcome to the opportunity of associating with Faith Works International Ministries with the view of either becoming a Faith Works Outreach Ministry or running a Lifestyle Training School program within your own ministry.

So that you may know what we are about and what our mission is we have put this document together for you to decide if you wish to become an FWI Outreach Ministry with us.

What is association?

Only an associate can seek permission from the Executive Board, to have naming rights and be granted an agreement to use the name ‘FAITH WORKS INTERNATIONAL’ in the area in which the church is established e.g. FAITH WORKS INTERNATIONALPlainland.

When you take on this path you are becoming our representative in your area and therefore we need to partner in a much stronger relationship to make sure that the FAITH WORKS INTERNATIONAL name is always held in strong regard and of the highest integrity.